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What does your website say about your business?

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What does your website say about your business?

In a word: a LOT

Have you ever been to a website that was so aesthetically “off” that you could not click the back button quickly enough? Face it, we all have, but why is it important?

Your web page is your online identity. The site for your business is more important than your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages combined.

Human emotions rule when viewing anything, much less your site. It has been proven that humans make visual judgements in less than a second. To make matters worse, the average online attention span is eight seconds long … a gold fish has an attention span of approximately nine seconds if that gives you any perspective. Essentially, people are:

  • Easily distracted
  • Do not have enough time to read long diatribes (they want info and want info NOW)
  • Get bored easily
  • Get mad when a website loads too slowly

So how do you get around the fact that people make fast judgements online and have zero patience?

K.I.S.S. Rules

No, not the aging rock band, the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” principle. This gets widely ignored & also impacts your site load times (see the last point above). In order to capitalize online, first you must have a plan. At the top of the plan should be a twin-objective: a content plan and a site load target.

KISS Principles are important for web design
Your google rankings are all predicated on your site layout, loading speed, and your content.

I cannot stress site load timing enough. When you are at home with your 1-gigabyte connection, of course all websites load quickly. What about when you are on mobile with a spotty signal? “But, Darrell … all sites load slowly then!” … not always.

A properly designed site should load quickly no matter what the situation is. That is why some sites load a different page for mobile than they do for desktop. Speed certainly kills & if you are not fast not enough when your customers are viewing your web page Google also notices. That is not a good thing. Google will severely punish a slowly loading site. Site loads slow, google de-ranks your links, you suffer by losing search visibility, your ROI plummets. Pretty simple concept. This is the primary reason that Trisiti only uses premium hosting. We will not risk the chance of a server being bogged down which makes your site slow down.

In addition to solid servers, the remainder comes down to coding your web page for faster, more efficient load times. Yes, almost all of us are manipulating pre-set themes within WordPress, but Trisiti is different. Not every them made has solid coding inside of it. In these cases, the CSS coding will be manually changed to make sure that bloated code is not killing your search engine optimization. Not everybody does that anymore, but yes, I do.

Avoid at ALL Costs:
needless pop ups
“spin the wheel” for your discount
Heavy graphics that slow your site load speed
auto start videos, and countless other annoying devices

A prime example of a website loading speed that is KILLED can be found here. How long can you make it before you leave the web page? My maximum time was almost seven seconds, but I could not handle it any longer, especially with the “loading” graphics that cover the entire screen.

If you need to display an important message, display it once and make it be gone. When I designed, it was very important for the owner that customers are reminded of his Spaghetti Tuesday Special. We came up with a single pop up that once closed, does not constantly come back. In the early days of the internet, we all fell for the countdown timer that meant we could only get a certain deal before it touched zero or the spinning/zooming icons that mesmerized us. That was then, this is now. Sites must load quickly and display exactly the information the user is looking for & we can thank the Amazon Effect for that – we want it NOW!

Mobile web design is not just needed, it is critical. More users will access your web page from their mobile devices than from a desktop & they have since 2014. This number will only grow higher from here. When I design a site, honestly, I check how it looks from multiple phones first. Your site must display the same from an iPhone as it does an Android. The same goes for multiple browsers – Chrome, IE, Opera, and even Edge browsers can and will display the same content differently.

After page load speed, content is king. What your content visually says speaks volumes about you and your business. Your content is your brand. If you authored your own content I guarantee that it will mirror how you speak and carry yourself in real life. Are you thorough, quick, boring, confident, or vibrant? It will bleed through to your website content. How you brand your business could ultimately determine your success or failure. Yes, it is THAT important. And oh yeah, it must load fast.

Keeping content to a minimum is key to winning in the long run. Your website must first be visually appealing and your content must display intuitively. Your users expect it, so should you.

Quality over quantity. Always and forever.

Is your content addicting?

Think about it – would you rather work harder or work smarter? Website design is the same way. Your web design should be working smarter. Fast loading, information directly in front of the user, minimum distractions. The over all visual design will be judged in less than a second & you only have the user’s attention for seven more seconds. So ho do you hold their attention?

ENGAGEMENT. One word and it means more than you think. Your content must be engaging. The user needs to be attached visually to make them want to keep reading & scrolling. At the same time, google is watching how long they stay on your site. Page load, content, and engagement are the three key ingredients to long term success in Google’s search rankings.

Ever wonder why an app such as Instagram took Snapchat behind the wood shed and beat them at their own game? Simple. Engaging content … it literally changes multiple times per second. There is always something new. I am not saying you must change your website constantly, that will also hurt your search listings. What I AM saying is your content needs to be unique and engaging. It must present the viewer with something new while not being slow and annoying.

Your web design speaks volumes about your personal brand and business. By presenting information visually and concisely you will see your google rankings increase. A site that can be found will have an increased ROI. It will happen. Just follow the simple K.I.S.S. principles in your design and implementation and success will be yours.


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