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Hi! I am Darrell Owenby and I create beautiful websites that can be found in google searches. I have been working on websites since I did my wife’s page in 1998. One of the largest sites that I created ended up being one of the largest SEC Sports forums and news websites that existed from 2000-2010. Along the way, I have helped friends with SEO & online marketing the entire time.

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I am a free lance web design specialist who lives in Johnson City, TN. Most likely we have many similarities – I work a corporate job, have a wonderful family, and also wanted to open multiple streams of income for my family.

By being home based, I do not have the over head and associated costs a lot of my competition has. I work a full time job and also work full time in website design. I am selective on the projects that I work on and will be honest up front. How many other web designers in the Tri-Cities region can state that?

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In 2016 I did a simple design for Bella Vita Restaurant in Johnson City. The company had a need to move forward and I have confidence in my skill set. Long story short, they were designed a simple site. The Bella Vita website has sat at the top of the search rankings since that point and they have experienced sequential quarter over quarter growth since. From that point, I have had enough requests where I helped companies and individuals out that I decided to launch in late 2018.

A Quick Bio on Me

I grew up in Maryville, TN and joined the U.S. Air Force straight out of high school. After traveling the world, I came back to Tennessee. In 2012 I moved to the Johnson City area and reside here to this day.

Why Choose Trisiti for your web design needs?

  • Thorough listener – I want to understand your needs and what you are looking for
  • Reponsible – I am a Supervisor by trade. My work ethic is simply built upon the foundation of mutual respect, integrity, and accountability
  • Responsive – EVERY client has my personal number and I speak with them a LOT for follow up

“But, but, but you’re new, how do I know you will still be here a year from now?”

I do not do anything half way. Sit down with me for our initial consultation and you will immediately recognize that I am not a slick huckster. I am driven, results based, and excellence is what I am after. My word is my bond … and plus we sign a contract lol.