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How to Write a Blog Post

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How to Write a Blog Post

Something that seems so simple actually needs a dedicated process for several reasons. In a nutshell, a blog post MUST:

  • Offer readability for the reader
  • Be concise – information that relays knowledge and quickly
  • Not be developed as a college thesis that is completely single spaced with no graphical information
  • Pose a question that you answer OR a step-by-step “How To”
  • Have a call to action to covert the reader as a customer or user of your services

How do I write a blog post that is readable, “sticky”, and can be found in Google?

It honestly isn’t rocket science. In order to write a blog post, first, know your audience. Know if the information is something that would realistically be sought after. The number one way to maintain reader engagement is to offer information that they are seeking. See? Told you it isn’t rocket science!

First things, first: Readability

Write directly to your audience as if you are speaking to them directly. Basically, you are doing just this, it’s just a different type of media delivery! Avoid 3rd person perspective and maintain the “I”, “me”, and “we” narrative tone. Avoiding 2nd and 3rd person perspectives is important because you want to be genuine, you want to be … see what I just did there? WE want to be genuine in our delivery. Do not lose sight: it is a personal conversation.

Part of the readability is the title of the post. Extremely important! The majority of the people performing a search will only read your title and move on. A smaller percentage will click the article and read it. In order to get the click on the article, the title MUST be engaging.

Second: Be Concise

Ever read a blog post that just ran on, and on, and on? <Raises hand>, so have I. Being concise in the delivery conveys the information quickly and efficiently. Why use 100 words when 10 can be used to illustrate the same point? Avoiding flowery $300 words is important to achieve this goal.

Third: DO NOT FORGET, this is not a doctoral thesis

Reading a 2,000 word article that is single spaced and offers no graphical delivery is not fun at all. I would rather have a sharp stick driven through my eye into my brain. You? Keep the post upbeat and positive, remember – you’re speaking to your friends. Deliver the post while breaking it up with photos. The ONLY exception to this rule (and it is not always an exceptio): If the post is short, the paragraphs are broken up quickly and efficiently, in that case photos should only be used IF they help back up a point that has been made.

Fourth: Pose a Question OR Post a Step-by-Step “How To” Article

The easiest way to SEO a blog post are listed right above this sentence. Sure, there are other types of posts that we will all use, but these two are the bread and butter when it comes to being discovered in Google. Think about it for a split second. Ever been to YouTube or Google and typed in “how do I” or “how to fix”? We all have! If posing a question, feel free to add what you believe, but not in such a way to create divisiveness. Offer your answer as a potential solution and at the end of the article, ask your audience a question in return. For example: How can I make this article more effective? What do you believe I left out? The “How To” is simply the classic step-by-step method on how to do something. Again, at the end, pose a question to your audience in order to build your engagement connection.

Fifth (and not least): Do not be afraid to utilize a call to action at the end of your blog post

This is very simple. We have witnessed it so much on YouTube that we are surprised if someone does not use a call to action at the end of their video. It can be something super simple such as:
If I helped you with this article and you need additional help, PLEASE contact me immediately!
I can answer any of the questions that you may have, all with zero obligation, just contact me now!

By not adding a call to action at least SOMEWHERE in your post, you are missing the opportunity to further engage your audience and possibly missing sales that could have been easily made.

Writing effective blog posts that have SEO built in are important to being discovered within any search engine. When the blog post is written, we must maintain the first person narrative (write from the heart and to your friends) and be concise in our delivery. The article title must be compelling enough the reader wants to click on it. While keeping it brief, we want to deliver an article that is broken up with photos or graphs that make sense and bolster a point that has been made. By posing questions or producing a “How To” article, audience engagement will rise. Do not lose the opportunity to utilize a call to action within your article. All of these items coupled with your knowledge on the subject will yield valid placement within Google so that you can be found.

Darrell Owenby is a website designer in Johnson City, TN. If you are in need of a new web page design, a refresh of an older website, or SEO help, please contact me today!


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